Slow Food social impact experience

What are the criteria for creating an Airbnb Slow Food Experience?

  • Must offer the possibility to discover food products, techniques and cultures through the lens of Slow Food; this requires hosts to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of Slow Food’s principles and its philosophy, of what constitutes quality in gastronomy and an understanding of the major challenges and problems that threaten it
  • Cannot involve products or supply chains that do not comply with the Slow Food principles (GMO products, farmed fish, foie gras, ultra-processed foods etc.) must meet the criteria for exhibitors at Slow Food events (learn more here )
  • Respect the seasonality of products
  • Raises the travellers’ awareness of the Slow Food values, disclosing the main Slow Food projects in the area, and utilize the products of our communities and Presidia wherever possible
  • Must focus on artisan food products from producers that are rooted in a given territory, rather than products of industrial origin. The products need not necessarily be traditional or autochthonous food, but they must be clearly linked to local communities (e.g. a tour to discover the culinary traditions of the Moroccan community in Turin, Italy); must be organized in such a way that the host always uses and offers, whenever possible, artisanal and local products
  • Must include food tastings, as Slow Food believes that gastronomic knowledge entails tasting products
  • Must be run by members of Slow Food or members of our communities
  • Must be approved by Slow Food HQ

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